A Long Weekend with the News…

I grew up in a household where the news was on TV every night, where a newspaper was always available…

We always had access to books, to libraries, to radio and television.
My parents never sought to push us one political direction or another, but to make sure that we were able to inform ourselves about the world around us and to be able to have rational conversations about it.
Today, I find myself obsessed with what is going on around us. I have filled the last few days by reading a continuous stream of news from many different news sources. It has been a dizzying experience.
I hope that as everyone watches, listens, and reads that they evaluate a few things:
1) The source of the news. Is it a first-person account of an event? Is it an opinion piece? Is it a well-researched news story?
2) The bias of the source. We all have biases. Some of them are obvious, some of them are not.
3) Your bias as a reader, viewer, or listener. We don’t often consider our own bias, whether pro- or con-, and how it impacts our interpretation of the story.
I also encourage everyone to find news from a variety of sources. Ones that believe that facts are facts, and opinions are opinions. Don’t just read (listen, watch) sources that validate your own opinions.
A good source to check bias and trustworthiness: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/

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